Update Firmware for Non-OEM Fusion io-drive2

Notice: This article is for Non-OEM fusion iodrive2 ONLY! If you own a HP (or Dell) branded one, please head to HPE website (or Dell website).

It is such a pain in the ass to collect the firmware for unbranded fusion iodrives. Firmware from HPE or Dell won’t work on these devices. You will get an error (Firmware file does not contain firmware for device ‘fct0’, part ‘xxxxxxxx’) when attempting to write the OEM firmware into the unbranded fusion iodrives.

Fine, then where to get the right firmware? Getting archived drivers/firmwares from an acquired company isn’t easy (LSI, I’m talking to YOU!!!). Luckily, I still managed to get an account and download them from https://support.fusionio.com/downloads. I will leave the links to my personal archive version below later.

Ok, now you get the firmware. Is it the end of the story? No! There is a specific update roadmap you have to follow. According to https://support-en.westerndigital.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/511?_ga=2.164059711.1678865805.1550936838-1210593613.1550936838, if upgrading from v6.0.0 (VSL3.0.6) to v7.1.17 (VSL3.2.15), you need to first upgrade to v7.0.2 (VSL3.1.5), then upgrade to v7.1.13 (VSL3.2.2/3.2.3), finally to v7.1.17 (VSL3.2.15). From v7.0.2 to v7.1.13, a full disk wipe may perform, so make sure to backup all the data before upgrading.

In Short, The upgrade path will be: V6.0.0 > V7.0.2 > V7.1.13 > V7.1.17 (VSL3.0.6>3.1.5>3.2.2/3.2.3>3.2.15)

The upgrade command for Windows is: “fio-update-iodrive.exe <path-to-firmware>”

Run “fio-status.exe” and check if the device is running in minimum mode or not. If not, you need to detach the device before upgrading. The detach command is: “fio-detach.exe [-f] /dev/fct0” (fct0 is the device name). Use -f if gets error “resource or device is busy”.

If everything goes well, you will be prompted to reboot.

Enjoy your new cache drive!

Archive Url: https://jp2.eoe.moe/dl/fusion-io/

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